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Jemseg River Farm is a collaborative agriculture adventure that began in 2009.  It is a dynamic certified organic 200 acre farm and we grow about ten acres of vegetables, herbs, potatoes, strawberries and raspberries and have some livestock.

We are located on the banks of the Jemseg River and Dykeman Lake and are part of the unique Grand Lake Ecosystem. We have water on two sides of our farm, beautiful views and the area is renowned for its birdwatching and unique flora. Swimming, hiking, biking and boating opportunities are abundant and we maintain a small fleet of boats and bikes for recreation. The historic village of Gagetown is just across the river accessible by boat or a short drive and ferry ride. We are about 50 km away from the provincial capital of Fredericton and about one hour away from the provinces other two major cities. The famous Bay of Fundy is also just one hour away.

Our mission statement includes a strong educational component and we see ourselves as an incubator for future farmers.  Micheal, the farmer, is an experienced university educator (leadership studies program) and we focus on training in areas such as soils, crop planning, weed control, pest management, composting, harvesting practices, marketing, and sales. We have a great library that covers a wide range of topics. We strive to be a successful business sustainable agriculture and model and to assist our apprentices in achieving their individual learning goals. 

Our sales are mostly direct retail through Fredericton’s Boyce Farmers Marketwith some additional restaurant and wholesale sales. We are known as the friendliest farmers at the market and strive to build and strengthen communities through our activities.We have also had a 85 member CSA in the past but are taking a break from CSA sales in order to focus better on long term development and research.

We normally have poultry and pigs during the growing season and will hopefully add cows in 2015. We also began planting a small orchard last year as well as a plot of asparagus asparagus. We will also be developing our farm as time allows along permaculture principles and maybe adding a vineyard at some point.  

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