We need more farmers for the future! 

Our mission statement includes a strong educational component and we see ourselves as an incubator for future farmers.  This will be the seventh year we will be offering internships on our farm. 

Working and participating in the life of a small diversified farm can be a rich learning experience. The work is physical and sometimes repetitive, but is balanced with mental challenges that demand creativity. The work can be deeply satisfying as you develop new skills, grow delicious and nutritious food for an appreciative community, and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape and rural life.
Much of the learning happens through hands on work, working alongside the farmer, daily discussion at lunch, more formal sessions, weekly walkabouts, and visits to other farms. We also maintain an excellent resource library and assist with individual guided study. The farmer also has nearly a decade of experience teaching in Canada's premier leaderships studies program at the University of New Brunswick. 

Jemseg River Farm: Internships 

Jemseg River Farm is a dynamic production oriented certified organic 200 acre farm. We grow about eight acres of vegetables, herbs, potatoes, strawberries and raspberries and have some livestock. We are located on the banks of the Jemseg River and Dykeman Lake and are part of the unique Grand Lake ecosystem.  We have water on two sides of our farm, beautiful views and the area is renowned for its bird watching. Swimming, hiking, biking, fishing and boating opportunities are abundant and we maintain a small fleet of boats and bikes for recreation. The historic village of Gagetown is just across the river accessible by boat or a short drive and ferry. We are about 50 km away from the provincial capital of Fredericton and about one hour away from the provinces other two major cities. The famous Bay of Fundy is also just one hour away.

The farmer is a former university educator and we focus on training in areas such as soils, crop planning, weed control, pest management, composting, harvesting practices, marketing, and sales. We have a great library that covers a wide range of topics. We strive to be a successful sustainable agriculture business model and to assist our interns in achieving their individual learning goals. This will be the seventh year we have offered internships and this experience has allowed us to make significant improvements in the program. 

Our sales are mostly direct retail through our stall at Fredericton’s Boyce Farmers Market (rated as one of the best in the country), with some additional restaurant  and wholesale sales. We are known as the friendliest farmers at the market and strive to build and strengthen communities through our activities.

We normally have laying hens and other poultry and pigs during the growing season. We will also begin planting a small orchard this year and are preparing land for asparagus and a vineyard.  We will also be developing our farm as time allows along permaculture principles with some projects scheduled for this year including a plant nursery. 

There are always multiple building projects in progress and the farmer is also a carpenter and cabinetmaker. We have a woodworking shop and are hoping to have a blacksmith forge set up soon. We maintain a small fleet of tractors and equipment and regularly maintain, build and repair our own equipment. We also have a fairly large composting operation.

Internship Description

Our commitment: to welcome you into our community, to provide educational opportunities and materials that help you attain your personal learning and growth goals as well as gaining practical skills in a diversity of areas. We will maintain a positive and safe work environment, and provide an opportunity to experience sustainable agriculture in practice. 
Learning opportunities include greenhouse management, transplant production, crop planning, infrastructure development, tillage, cultivation, weed control, rotational livestock management, composting, and careful efficient harvesting for maximum crop quality and nutritional value. You will learn to enhance soil fertility through the use of composts, manure, and cover crops. Farm rotations and insect and disease control will be discussed and implemented. You will be exposed to the organic certification process, farm budgeting, and record keeping.

Intern duties include:  greenhouse work, planting, transplanting, hoeing, weeding, pruning, mulching, harvesting, washing produce, packing, sales at farmers market, record-keeping, gathering hay, feeding and caring for livestock, setting up irrigation, helping with construction work, building and grounds maintenance, light forestry work, bush cutting, tree planting and more. The work is physically demanding at times and can be repetitive, but rarely are two days alike. You must be able to lift 40-50 lbs.  Work sometimes has to be done in inclement weather and sometimes we have some bugs.

Expectations : Interns are expected to be engaged and motivated learners. Interns normally work about 45 hours a week depending on the farm needs. We start at 8am and end our workday at 5:00. Evenings are your own for rest, relaxation or your own special projects. In addition to farm work interns go the farmers market on Saturdays on an alternating basis.  In order to be a viable farm and offer internships we all need to be highly productive and efficient. This means working in a steady and organized manner. We begin each day with a brief work meeting so showing up on time is essential so that we can all head off to do our various duties. We do weekly farm walks to talk about what is happening on the farm and go on  field trips to other farms.

Interns are expected to share with some cooking and kitchen cleanup duties and assist in keeping the grounds and living and work spaces safe, tidy and organized.  Interns will be working together, eating together and living in close proximity, so a cooperative and respectful spirit is required. 

The Rewards: diverse learning opportunities, a healthy lifestyle, meaningful work and visible results, participation in a community engaged in positive change, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, fresh air, good food, and camaraderie. 

Internships are considered to be a volunteer position, but we offer a stipend of $100 a week to help defer expenses. We also offer a completion bonus ($25/week) to those who spend the whole season with us. Accommodations are in shared cabins. Interns normally work 5 days a week, usually about 8-9 hours and alternate going to our Saturday market. We eat lots of good food from the farm or our other farmer friends.
The internships run from April 28 –October 31 2014 
We usually have 4 interns per season. Non-smokers only. Responsible alcohol consumption is OK.
Please Contact Micheal by email for more info and an application form. 
Applications for the 2016 season are due by April 15, but spots are limited so apply early.  


April 1 to Oct 31.
Apprenticeships are an extension of the internship program. Aprrentices will usually have  previous farm experience, usually in internships here or elsewhere. There may also be an opportunity to participate in ACORN's Grow a farmer apprenticeship/mentorship program. We envision this as more of a journeyperson type training program and would typically be for someone with some farm experience wishing to learn advanced skills in order to start their own farm. Apprentices would take on more responsibilities on the farm and might even be able to start their own ventures if it can be supported by the farm. Apprentices are paid a salary and remuneration is negotiable, based on experience and responsibilities.

We will be able to host short term volunters and wwoofers this year as we have some new accomodations available.   

We often have part time employment available and we ll be hiring strawberry and vegetable pickers starting in mid to late June. Most picking is piecework: for example 1.00 a quart for strawberries and 60 cents a pound for beans and peas.

For more information on applying for internships/apprenticeships or working on the farm contact Micheal Carr at  or by  phone at 506-470-1906


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